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How can I create an account?
Creating an account is simple and most of all fast!  Simply follow the following steps:

1. Click on the option "Register Now" which can be found at the top of the Home Page
2. Fill in ALL the information requested
3. It is important that the password is at least 6 characters up to a maximum of 10 characters, including a special character (1-0,  %,  $, !, etc)
4. During registration you can restrict your deposit limits, should you wish to control your spending on the site


Once the above has been completed successfully, click on ‘Register Now’ and an automated activation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address entered at the time of the account registration.  This activation e-mail will contain a link which you need to click on, as well as your account number and username.  Should you not receive the activation e-mail to your Inbox, we strongly advice for you to check the Junk/Spam box.
Once the link has been activated you are ready to start the fun !  


How can I change my Password or my account details?
Make sure you are logged into your account and select the ‘My Account’ option, which can be found on the far right side of the home page.  To change your password you then need to click on ‘Change Password’.  In the ‘My Account’ page you may also change your account information by clicking on ’Edit Profile’. 

How can I change my e-mail address?
To change the e-mail address registered to your Bet1128 player account, you are simply to send the change request tosecurity@1128.com, it is imperative that the request is sent from the e-mail address registered to the account.
Should you no longer have access to the e-mail address registered to your Bet1128 account, you may send the change request tosecurity@1128.com, requesting that your Bet1128 account is updated with the new e-mail address, in the e-mail please confirm your account information as part of the verification of ownership of the player account.  In the e-mail requesting the change please confirm the following:

1. Requesting the update of the e-mail address
2. Account Number
3. Name and Surname
4. Address
5. Date of Birth
6. Telephone Number


Once the change request has been received and processed, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of the completed change.

How can I view/change my security question and answer?
To view/change your security question, kindly click on the far right tab: ‘My Account’ and then click on ‘Edit Profile’.

I forgot my Password
To retrieve your password, kindly click on ‘Forgot Password’ at the very top of the Lobby.  You will then be prompted to enter your ‘Username’, once you click ‘Proceed’ you will be asked to enter the answer to your security question.  Once the question has been answered successfully, a random generated password will be automatically sent to the e-mail address registered to your account.  Once you login to your account with the newly received password, you will be automatically prompted to personalize your password.

I  forgot both my Password and Username
To retrieve your Username, you are requested to send an e-mail to security@1128.com from the e-mail registered to the account.  You will then receive your Username and you are to follow the normal ‘Forgot Password’ steps to retrieve your password.

How do I close my account?
Should you wish to close your account you may do so by sending an e-mail request (from the e-mail address registered to your account) to security@1128.com, kindly specifying the motive that prompted you to come to this decision.

Why is my login information not being accepted?
Please make sure that you are entering the correct information and bear in mind, that login fields are case sensitive.  If unsure of your login credentials, please follow the ‘Forgot password’ steps.  Please note that for security reasons should you enter your password incorrectly for 5 times, your account will be automatically blocked.  To unblock your account, you are to send an e-mail tosecurity@1128.com from the e-mail address registered to the account, requesting that your account be unblocked.
Please note that, an account being blocked is not only restricted to failed login attempts, but may also be caused by failure to verify the account, but not restricted to.  You are always advised to e-mail security@1128.com for the reactivation of the account in which case you will be informed on the next steps to be followed.




How do I deposit?
Once you have created and activated your account, you may deposit to your account by clicking on: ‘My Account’ and then click on ‘Deposit’ found on the left hand side of the page.  Choose your preferred funding method and simply follow the instructions.  For more information on our available depositing methods Click here.  Once the deposit has been successful, the funds are ready for you to start the fun !

Are there any extra charges to my account?
No, we do not charge any fees to deposit and nor to withdraw but your bank might apply some charges for the transactions, for more information contact your local bank.

Why was my deposit rejected?
There are different factors that might have rejected your deposit, check if the funds you want to deposit are available and make sure you are entering the information correctly.  For further information please contact our Customer Support.

I don’t have a credit/debit card, can I use my friend’s card?
No, using a debit/credit card not in your name is strongly prohibited; only payment methods belonging to you consequently bearing your name can be used to fund your player account.

How can I register my credit/debit card?
Your bank card will be automatically registered once you have deposited successfully for the first time with the said card.

I have a card registered already, can I register another one?
Yes you can add a new card, by simply sending the following documentation with regards to the new card you wish to add:
A copy of the front and back of the credit card wanting to register, showing the first 6 and the last 4 digits visible on the front of the card.  Please ensure that the last 3 digits (CVV) at the back of the card are hidden (if applicable).  Cards which are not signed will not be accepted.
You can find and download the Credit Card Agreement Form here: it is important that the form is filled in full and signed by hand. 
The above mentioned documentation is to be e-mailed to security@1128.com or faxed on: 00356 21374005

How can I raise my deposit limits?
Your deposit limits are automatically raised once the account has been fully verified.  Deposit limits can be raised further once you have reached a 3 month clear deposit history, once that has been achieved you may request the increase at security@1128.com.  

How can I withdraw my funds?
Only accounts that are fully verified can withdraw funds out of their account, so make sure you have sent it all the necessary documentation to complete the verification of your account.  For more information on the necessary documentation Click here.
To request your withdrawal please login to your account, click on ‘My Account’, then on the left hand side you will have a menu, in which you then click on ‘Withdrawals’, then click on the ‘Preferred withdrawal’ method, insert the amount and click on ‘Proceed’.  You can view your withdrawal request on ‘Account Statement’.

What is an IBAN number?
An IBAN is an alphanumeric number which pertains to your bank account; this number can be found on your bank statement.

What are my CAB and ABI?
CAB is Codice Avviamento Bancario and ABI Associazione Bancaria Italiana, they are bank coordinates associated with Italian bank accounts.  They are numbers which are part of the IBAN number.

                        ABI      CAB

IBAN: IT92K(02222)(21111)1110000022222

The ABI and CAB are composed of 5 digits each, which follow the first set of letters in your IBAN number.  For further clarifications please contact us on Live Help.

What is the ‘preferred’ withdrawal method?
At Bet1128 for security reasons we implement a closed loop policy with regards to withdrawal methods, which means, you are to withdraw in the same way you deposited.  Moreover should a Visa be used to deposit, it will always prevail as a withdrawal method.  Should you want to change your withdrawal method, you are then requested to start depositing with new method you wish to switch to, once the deposits made with a Visa in the last 6 months have been covered by processed withdrawals, you may then request your withdrawals through a different method.

How long will it take for my withdrawal to be processed?
All withdrawal requests are reviewed and processed daily between 9.30 and 18.00.  Kindly note that if a withdrawal is requested after the stated closing time, the request will be carried forward to the next day for reviewing and processing.  A withdrawal request is processed within a maximum of 24 hours.  Once the payment has been processed, kindly refer to the respective timeframes listed on the Withdrawals information page.

Can I cancel my withdrawal?
Yes you may cancel your withdrawal by contacting us on Live Help or by sending an e-mail to security@1128.com.




How do I place a bet?
To place a bet all you need to do is to click on the Odd you wish you bet on pertaining to the game you want to bet on, as soon as you click on the odd , you will see that on the right hand side a coupon is created.  You then need to fill in the field with the amount you wish to wager.  Once that has been filled in, you will see the Possible Winnings update according to the funds wagered.  Once you are sure that the all information is correct, please click on ‘Next’ and with that your bet has been placed.

Where can I find the sports rules?
For the complete sports rule please click here.

Whats the minimum amount I can bet?
The minimum stake for any bet is 0.20 EUR/GBP/USD.

What is the maximum amount I can bet?
The maximum stake varies from event to event and the final decision for any bet will be made by the Trading Manager.

Are there any night limits with regards to bets?
Bets are reviewed and evaluated by our Odds Department 24/7.  

How long does it take for bets to be settled?
We aim at settling bets as quickly as possible, however bets settlement s not always immediate; for some events official confirmation of the result is necessary before these settlements can be done.

How do I place an accumulator?
Creating multiple bets is easy to do. Choose the betting market of your choice from the ‘Sports’ menu down the left side of the ‘Home’ page or alternatively, use the ‘All Events’ link from the ‘Sports Menu’ which will populate all the sporting and specials events. 
From within each sporting or specials market, simply click on the small box to the right of the event and select Ok. Do this for all of the odds that you would like to bet on and each event will be displayed in your Coupon, then enter your stake you wish to risk in the relevant box and your possible winnings will be displayed at the bottom of the Coupon. Click on ‘next’ if your selections and stake are correct and then click on ‘Confirm’ to place the bet/Coupon. 
If you wish to see all of the relevant bets available from your selections - IE Doubles, Trebles etc... - select the ‘System’ option at the top of the Coupon’. All of the possible permutations available will be displayed to you and you may enter a stake in any of the relevant boxes. The total of each stake will then be shown on the coupon next to the relevant box. If you are happy with your selections and stakes select ‘Next’ from the bottom of the ‘Coupon’ and then ‘Confirm’ to place the bet. 

Where can I check my betting history?
Click on ‘My Account’, then on ‘Statements /Reports, click on ‘Sportsbook’ on the left hand side and then select the timeframe you wish to view.

I am trying to make a multiple/systems bet, why is it not accepting it?
Please make sure you are not including any Single (green) odds, as the green bets may only be played on their own and can’t be played part of a multiple or systems bet.

Do you offer any bonuses with regards to bets?
Yes, we offer a Mulitple bets bonus, this is a progressive bonus applied to your bets that increases with each event added to the bet coupon. The value of the bonus starts from the fourth event and increases up to 200% with a bet coupon of 30 events.
Please note that for the bonus calculation only NON VOID events will be considered; therefore the actual bonus can be different from the one reported in the coupon. Click here for further information.

What happens when a match is postponed?
We kindly ask you to refer to the Sports Help section, as different sports have different rules with regards to postponed events, this also applies to Live and Non Live events, as they carry different rules.  Please click here for all the Sports book rules.

Can I cancel a bet?
No, bets cannot be cancelled




What does Forecast and Tricast mean?
When betting on Forecast, you are predicting which runners will finish in the first two places.  With regards to Tricast you are predicting which runners will finish in the first three places.

Can I combine Forecast and Tricast in a bet?
No, they can only be bet on separately.

I am trying to click on a runner, but I receive the message: ‘Odds are running’, why cannot I bet on this event?
When the message ‘odds are running’ appears, it means that bets have closed for that particular event, kindly select a later event, which can be viewed by scrolling down the page till: ‘Upcoming Events’



The table I want to join is full. What can I do?
If a table is full, you can add your name to the waiting list for that table. When a seat becomes available, the first person on the waiting list will have the right to take or refuse the seat. The other option you have is to take a seat at an empty table of that game and limit and wait on other players joining. Other players often join when someone has taken the first seat.
What happens is the connection drops?
In our Poker Room, in the event that the connection with the game server is lost during a game you will be considered to be in the hand if there are no raises, otherwise you'll fold, which means that your investment in the pot up to that point WILL BE PROTECTED and you’ll be eligible for your share of the pot if you have the winning hand and if no other person raises the stake.
What's the minimum buy-in?
The minimum buy-in is usually twenty times the minimum stake for that game. For example, in a €1/€2 game, the minimum buy-in is €40.
How do I know much play money is in the pot?
On every Poker table, the entire pot amount, including all current stakes, is always displayed numerically. In addition, at the end of each betting round, all chips in the hand are collected in the middle of the table and converted into higher denomination chips so you can easily see the pot’s total value.
Does the software allow me to hide my winning hands?
No, it doesn’t. If you play the hand until the end of the game, and you hold the best hand, this will automatically be shown. This feature protects you from accidentally losing with a winning hand.
What is your all-in policy, how does it work? How many all-ins are allowed?
All-in protection is designed to protect your investment in the pot in case you run out of money during a hand, do not act in time or get disconnected for any reason. Each player is given one all-in protection per 24 hours.
Going all-in when you don’t have enough money to continue playing
If you run out of money during a hand, you don’t necessarily have to leave the game. Go all-in. This means that a player cannot be forced out of a hand if he does not have enough money to complete the hand. When a player runs out of money, or only has enough to see a portion of the stake, he/she can play all-in for the pot in which he/she made the bets. All the other player’s bets will be collected in another pot contended between them.
Going all-in when you run out of time
If you don't make the move in time (10 seconds), the system assumes that you’re not available to complete the hand.
As such, going all-in means your investment in the pot is safe until that point of the game. The system will track and record all the cards, showing them to the players during the showdown. If you win, your account will be credited accordingly. You may request a hand history at the table to review the entire hand and verify its outcome.
Going all-in when disconnected
We understand that an internet connection can be unstable from time to time and that a player can get disconnected from the game server. Regardless of the reason for the disconnection, your investment will be protected to that point with the all-in feature. The system will track and record all the cards, showing them to the players during the showdown. If you win, your account will be credited accordingly. You may request a hand history at the table to review the entire hand and verify its outcome. Important information to know; if at any time your all-in status is zero (0) you are playing at your own risk. This simply means that you do not have all-in protection in the event you are disconnected or fail to act in time. YOUR HAND WILL BE FOLDED AND YOUR INVESTMENT LOST without any recourse whatsoever. Although we allot you one (1) all-in protection per 24 hours, we will consider resetting your protection back to one, with prior authorisation. For an assessment simply contact customer services through support. However, if abuse of the all-in protection is suspected, this may result in loss of membership or denied reset request.
Can I see what the game looks like before I join or deposit money?
Absolutely! In fact, you can even play for FREE!
Just set up an account. You do not need to deposit any money in order to observe or join our practice games. However, you are asked to provide the correct information in your account. You only have to deposit money when you want to play the games for real money. After you have created your account, you will be able to access the log-in page and go to the tables.
How are the best player rankings calculated?
Best Player rankings are calculated on the basis of the amount of wins in the last week in the Cash Game.



Do you have any obligations?
Registration is absolutely free and it is only necessary for accessing the private section of the site to play for real money. There are no deposit obligations. By registering you accept the terms and conditions.
Why should I make my personal details known through registration?
The clear identification of a player is required especially when winnings are paid and to comply with the regulations for on-line gaming. This is why we require your correct name and surname as well as your correct address. Furthermore, your date of birth will confirm your legal age to us as required to be able to play. Thanks to your e-mail address, you can receive information on special promotions and we can get in contact with you.
How are my data protected?
The best electronic protection methods currently available are used to ensure maximum protection of your data. We also use reliable internal mechanisms for the protection of data, these are then connected to a robust security system. It must also be added that during the communication with your web browser your data is further protected by an encrypted https security protocol.
Why register?
With registration, you can open a player account free of charge and without any obligation where all your bets and data are dealt with. To definitively activate your account you need to confirm the registration by clicking on the link that you'll receive via e-mail.



What do I do if I need technical assistance?
If you are experiencing a problem which is software oriented - not being able to open any of the games, or loss of screen graphics during play - then please contact our customer service team via Live Chat or via email info@1128.com

How do I know the games are fair?
All the games are played in real time and dealers are present at each table. The results are video recorded and all the bets are placed and charged automatically. The same method is applied for the winnings. You have the opportunity to chat with the Dealer which is available to answer to any kind of concerns or questions. The cards will be shuffled on the table at your presence. All the devices used, including the wheels and the roulette tables are developed by companies specialized in the betting sector. The software and technology used have been tested and licensed by indipendent expert organizations.




Where is Bet1128 Live Casino located?
The games are broadcast from Live TV studios in Europe and Asia. 

Is the Casino open to the public?
No, it is not. The Casino is opened only to online players. 

How do I know the games are fair?
All the games are played in real time and dealers are present at each table. The results are video recorded and all the bets are placed and charged automatically. The same method is applied for the winnings. You have the opportunity to chat with the Dealer which is available to answer to any kind of concerns or questions. The cards will be shuffled on the table at your presence. All the devices used, including the wheels and the roulette tables are developed by companies specialized in the betting sector. The software and technologies used have been tested and licensed by indipendent expert organizations.

What happens if my connection fails and I'm kicked out of the game?
All the bets that have been placed will stand, and the game normally will continue. If you are playing Blackjack and you are not able to reinstate the connection before your turn, your hand will be considered “stand” and the game normally will continue. 

What happens if a dealer makes a mistake?
The Dealers are professionally qualified in all the games we offer to our clients. They are even able to look on our database to minimize possible mistakes. Moreover we have one pit boss every two game tables. In the remote chance that a dealer makes a mistake, the pit boss will be called. If the game can be continued fairly it will do so. Otherwise the game will be cancelled and all bets will be returned. 

What are the chat rules?
The chat window is there for you to communicate with the dealers/croupiers and pit bosses. They are happy to chat and answer any question that you may have. However they will not tolerate any abuse, harassment or bad language. Players who do this will have their chat privileges suspended. 

Can the dealers or pit bosses help me with questions about my account?
No, the dealers or pit bosses have no access to your account, payment details or personal information. Any queries of this nature you should contact our Customer Services team via chat, phone or email. For more information please contact us




How can I delete my cookies and temporary files?
Different browsers have different ways to delete cookies and temporary files, the following are some helpful steps pertaining to the most commonly used browsers, to delete cookies and temporary files:

Internet Explorer:
Kindly click on Tools and then Internet Options, click on ‘Delete’ and you will then be given different options of collected data you may want to delete.

Kindly click on the Tools menu and then click on ‘Clear Recent History’.  Select the data you wish to delete and then click on ‘Clear Now’.

Google Chrome:
Click the wrench icon and select Options.  Then click the Under the Bonnet tab. Select to clear everything except saved passwords. Make sure that Clear Data from this period is set to ‘Everything’.  After this, press the Clear Browsing Data button.

Kindly click on the menu Safari and then select Empty Cache from the menu and then click on ‘Empty'.

How do I take a screenshot?
To take a screenshot, whilst having the page you wish to take a screenshot fully loaded on your desktop, press the ‘Print Screen/ PrtScrn’ button on your keyboard’.  Then all you need to do to paste the screenshot is to Right-click your Mouse or press CTRL+V on your keyboard.  You may paste the contents directly on to an e-mail or document, or alternatively you can open a ‘Paint’ application, save it and send it as an attachment.

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